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When traveling to Greenland, you have to be aware that there is only 4 cities worldwide with connection to Greenland:
Copenhagen (CPH) – Denmark
Reykjavik (RKV) – Iceland
Keflavik (KEF) – Iceland
Akureyri (AEY) – Iceland
This means that there is no direct flight from North America to Greenland. But with daily connection from Canada and United States Greenland it is still doable to experience our magnificent country.
We have listed the international routes down between:


Airbus A330-200 have 30 business class seats and 248 economy seats. The distance between the chairs is 54-inch (137 cm) for Business Class and 32 inches (81 cm) in Economy Class.
Meals and drinks are all complemental.
Baggage allowed: 30 kg/ 66 pounds and 2o kg/44 pound on economy
Bombardier Q200 have 37 seats all economi. But on the flight between Iceland and Greenland it can only carry between 28-34 passengers due to weight restrictions. (All the extra fuel limits the weight)
This is a little plane, which can give some issues with bringing too much carry on luggage.

On Air Greenland’s international Q200 flight there is free seating, while you ge a fixed seat with Air Iceland. On the Air Greenland international flight you get a free sandwich, a piece of fruit and a small snack, coffee, tee and juice. But have no other options of buying snacks wince ect.

On the Air Iceland flight you get coffee, Tee, juice and water free of charge, but it is possible to buy various sandwiches, soups, snacks, soda and wine ect.

This type of plane is also used by Air Greenland for all comestic fixed wing flight. On domestic flight you will experience free seating and free coffe, the, juice, biscuits and water.
The Bell 212 is a small 11 seater helicopters mainly used for for passenger transportation between the smaller town well as the most remote settlements in Greenland. This helicopter is also used for various charter flight, and a great for helicopter flight to observe the icebergs and glaciers around the coast.
The As 350 is the smalles helicopter used in Greenland. This type of helicopter is mainly used for tourist sightseeing and mineral exploration. The helicopter can take up to 5 passengers.
Sarfaq Ittuk is Greenland’s only coastal ferry bringing passengers along the entire west coast of Greenland. Unlike other Arctic cruises that are designed especially for tourists, Sarfaq Ittuk usually carries more local passengers than travelers. The ferry sail from Qaqortoq in South Greenland to Ilulissat in North Greenland from March to September – this journey takes 3 days and it stops in all the cities in between the to end ports. The boat stops from 30 minutes to several hours in each city between the start and end port.

The ship have a guide onboard in the summer month to make the stay as comfortable as possible to the tourists.
In Greenland there is various boat charter services. This goes from small to medium sized closed boats typically approved for 12 passengers, but in the Ilulissat area you can also find them up to 60 passengers.
The most common type of passenger boat in Greenland is the finnish produced Targa boats.


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