Nomad Greenland



The summer is the season of the Midnight Sun and a great time to experience Greenland on both land and water. Whales swim along the shores, icebergs flow from calving glaciers, flowers and plants grow at tremendous speeds, hiking trails open up the backcountry, and boats connect the many communities along the coastline. The climate is generally mild and the weather in Greenland is often fine for long spells through this short, fiery season.


When the first frosts arrive and snow starts falling the tone of Greenland changes, and the country wraps itself in a white blanket that lasts the better part of six months. Winter is a season for dog sledding, northern lights, ski trips, and star gazing. Fjords and bays freeze over, opening up more and more winter highways the further north you travel, and the rhythm of everyday life adapts to the Polar night, which peaks at Christmas time.