Nomad Greenland


A milky dusk where the sun never sets carries dreams yet imagined across the fjord. Northern lights crackle and blaze in the sky. A camp fire flickers as an iceberg calves in the inky bay. Candle light glows from a tupiq on the hill. Last morsels of the gourmet dinner are savored, lingering sips of wine are enjoyed and then sleep comes fast and deep in the pure Greenlandic air.

Photo by Aningaaq R Carlsen – Visit Greenland


Surrounded by mountains that are 3.8 billion years old, on the third largest fjord system in the world, Kiattua camp is immersed in origin. For hundreds of years it was a popular summer hunting ground among Nomadic Inuit, and while migrating animals have changed their routes, its new incarnation redefines off-grid luxury while honoring the past.


Open for just four months of the year, from June to September, the camp is set up and packed away at the end of each season, ensuring we leave no trace of human life. Each trip is limited to a maximum of 12 people at any given time in order to preserve the region’s fragile environment, and we work closely with the local community to ensure that everyone benefits from our being there.

Photo by Peter Lindstrom – Visit Greenland


On arrival in Nuuk you’ll be met by a native Greenlandic host who’ll be your host for the rest of the trip. Part guide, part concierge, part companion, their job is to keep you safe while providing deep access to your surrounds. Whether you want to learn about foraging for wild plants, have always dreamed of stepping onto an ice floe or kayaking among the bergs, want to know more about Inuit folklore, or dream of seeing the ice-cap, your personal host will help you plan a tailor-made itinerary individually adapted to suit your mood, fitness level and the weather.


As far as is possible we source everything locally, from the food you eat, to the water you drink, to the way you bathe. As well as eco-toilets and hot running water in the showers, the camp features a sauna tent and hot-tub filled with mineral rich glacial water for a relaxing soak overlooking the fjord.


Inspired by traditional Inuit sealskin tents, this contemporary version has enough room to stand up in as well as state-of-the-art features to keep you warm, cozy and a feeling of being at home. Think memory foam beds cozily decorated with sheepskin rugs and handcrafted throws, a heat source, armchairs and reading lights, and a private bathroom located just a few steps outside the tent.


Enjoy three, gourmet meals a day plus snacks, picnics and barbecues, locally brewed beer Qujaq, boutique wines by Denmark’s premier winery Skærsøgaard, soft drinks and pure spring water*.

 All guided experiences are also included as well as evening turndown service and transportation to and from Kiattua (surcharge applies for helicopter transport).

*an international wines and spirits list is available for pre-order if you have anything special in mind.


 Book an appointment with one of our experts who will talk you through the details