Nomad Greenland


The shimmering, white-blue of the midnight sun shines like a mirror over the world. Flood plains sculpted by ice form a dazzling patchwork of flowering shrubs, stitched together by sparkling streams. Rocky mountain ridges as old as the world itself and carved by waterfalls, frame a silvery sea. Untouched, and unknowable, Greenland defies all expectations and takes your breath away.

Photo by David Trood – Visit Greenland


Greenland is the biggest, most remote, and least inhabited island on the planet. With a population of about 56,000 many of whom still live, fish and hunt according to the old ways, it’s little surprise it has the best air quality on earth. 80% of its land-mass is covered by an ice-cap estimated to be nearly a million years old and 1500 meters deep, and for two months of the year – from 25th May to 25th July – the sun never sets. As one of the last remaining frontiers of the natural world, Kiattua, is your doorway to this magnificent wilderness, reimagined.


Dotting the fjord at Kiattua, ancient icebergs calved by the Narsap Sermia Glacier – one of the most active in the world – appear like frozen ships at sail. Characterized by their infinite shades of blue, otherworldly shapes and their strange and ethereal singing, to be among them is to become part of another world. Come the autumn, crystalline air and low-level light pollution make this one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis. A place where man is just a visitor, in equal parts humbling and awe-inspiring.


You can fly direct to Kagerlussuaq from Reykjavik (3.5 hours) and Copenhagen (4.5 hours). A connecting flight gets you to Nuuk in 45-minutes. On arrival in Nuuk, you’ll be met by your Nomad Host who will check you have everything you need before setting off for the camp. As you settle in to the 90-minute, RIB boat ride* through forests of ice, where humpback whales and seals play among the icebergs, the mental clutter of modern life gradually fades away and the wonder of nature takes hold.

The 25-minute ride through breathtaking scenery lands you directly at Kiattua Camp. Prices on enquiry.


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