Nomad Greenland

a touch of the untouchable

exquisite glamping adventures in greenland


Secluded in the raw beauty of untouched Greenlandic shores, Kiattua is a doorway to a world that is pure as nature intended.
Immersed in origin and secret landscape, it forces a dialogue with nature, surrendering you to senses long forgotten.
It takes your breath away. It makes you embrace the unexpected.

reach the unreachable

A search for undefined places being neither final destination nor the definitive answer. A desire for the unreachable, guided by curiosity and appetite. It is food for the soul.

only for the few

A place limited to less than 10 persons at the time, in a season of barely three months, this is limited to the few.

A set-up deep into the wilderness and carefully packed away every fall, with hardly any trace in nature - this is as pure at it can get.

Private and secluded

Situated 80 km from Nuuk, with no infrastructure, accessibility is limited to helicopters or boats.

Among towering high mountains at a well protected inlet, the Camp area offers stunning natural views over the ice covered waters, and some of the oldest oldest mountains in the world.


Enjoy muscle relaxing visit to our outdoor hot tub or sauna. Dine at our dining tent where our professional chef prepares meals - served straight off the fire with wine, local beer or the cleanest water the nature can provide. Relax in the comfortable private tents or enjoy the scenic view.

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Anything is possible here. The spaciousness from fjord to mountain. The generosity of river and land. A stubborn focus to surprise beyond expectation allows us to lavishly design impossible experiences, fulfilling dreams yet imagined.

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